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About Us
  • Voted best promotion in Scotland in our first year running.
    We also have a fighter management company aswell so if you want to be represented please get in touch, this is not an exclusive event only management, but flexible, so you are able to fight around the UK and Europe without being restricted to specific events. We are looking to get the fighters on big shows.
    We also have opportunities for companies/businesses to Sponsor at the event so if you are interested in what can be offered please contact either jlake@ontoppromotions.co.uk or tcollins@ontoppromotions.co.uk

    Tam Collins, Manager, 10/04/2012

    On Top Promotions is a newly established promotions company based in Glasgow. The promotion enjoyed extremely successful first show On Top 1 on February 26th which sold out the Kerrydale suite in Celtic Park. The night’s mc was UFC and MMA veteran Ian ‘The Machine’ Freeman who introduced and watched over the 10 professional fights that were on offer. The night showcased fighters from countries all over the world including France, Brazil and the Czech Republic as well respected British favorites such as Scott Jansen and James Doolan.

    After a debut show with many enthralling fights the promotion announced that they would be making preliminary plans for another show in the summer and hopefully another one before the year is out.

    On Top promotions is committed to bringing the best MMA fighters from across the world here to Scotland to showcase their skills to the enthusiastic committed Scottish fans.

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