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On Top 3 Interviews: Adam Stevenson
  • Adam Stevenson

    Age: 33
    MMA record: Pro 2-3
    Fighting style: Stand and bang
    Martials arts and achievements: Started off boxing then moved onto Muay Thai before taking up Judo and then onto MMA

     I always bring it and come to fight whatever the outcome I don’t bore the crowd.


    You were originally scheduled to be fighting David Galbraith but he was forced to pull out due to injury and you are now facing Michael Doyle. Did you have to change much in training to adapt to your new opponent?

    I didn’t have to change much in my training as I was working on all eventualities anyway.

    Do you know much about your opponent or does he pose any specific threats?

    I don’t know too much about this guy apart from he seems to favor the rear naked choke.


    There are a lot of exciting fighters on this card. Are you confident you can pick up a bonus?


    I’ve had some good exciting fights and a few good knockouts so no reason why I can’t be in for a good shout at one of the bonuses


    If you win this fight what is next for you?

    After this it’s the SFC event and whoever they have lined up for me.

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