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On Top 3 Interviews: Doni Miller
  • Doni Miller

    Age: 22
    MMA records:  Semi pro – 6-0 Pro 3-1
    Fighting style: I don’t have a specific style people know me for my striking but I believe I’m really well rounded.


    We’ve not seen you fight with On Top before can you tell us what you’re going to bring to the cage on September 24th?

    Really excited to fight for On Top and it will be great to get back into the cage since my last fight was almost a year ago. I always come to fight and I don’t ever put on a boring fight On Top will get another exciting performance from the dragon.


    How is training going ahead of your match at On Top 3?

    Training has been brilliant at the Griphouse I have a strong list of fighters and coaches to help me prepare. Kieran Malone and Robert Whiteford are always in and improving my wrestling. Hissy and Sean Wright are also fighting and they are keeping me sharp.

    Your fighting South Kampaseth from France do you know much about your opponent and does he pose any specific threats?


    Don’t know much about my opponent I know he trains with a good team and is a judo black belt but every fighter usually has one strong threat and fighters need to test themselves.

    You have won the majority of your professional fights in the first round; do you always go out to put your opponent away quickly, what is your game plan for this fight?

    I have finished 2 wins in the first round and if I see a finish I try to take it. Fighting 15 minutes can be fun but why fight 15 when you can fight 5.

    Do you have a message for your opponent?

    Hope we can put on an exciting fight because I’m all about those bonuses.

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