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New home for On Top!

    the playdrome, clydebank

    New home for On Top, and dates for future shows.
    We will be moving home to THE PLAYDROME, Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, G81 1PA

    We have secured a long term deal on this location. The capacity of the venue is of approximative 1100 and there’s always a good atmosphere there.

    As we have secured a long term agreement with the venue we are in a position to announce our 2013 dates already, here they are:

    On Top 7 – 23rd February
    On Top 8 – 18th May
    On Top 9 – 14th September
    On Top 10 – 7th December

    On Top is also going to be holding 2 all semi-pro (NSAC rules) fight cards in 2013 – Dates TBC

    The first one will be on 15th December 2012.

    The first event on the new venue will be ON TOP 6 on 06 October 2012. You can buy your tickets for On Top 6 here! Hurry, secure your tickets now!

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