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On Top 3 Fight Night

    Result: Bobby McVitie def Scott Jansen via guillotine @ 0.21 in R1

    Both fighters looked even in the stand up before clinching up. From the clinch McVitie hip tossed Jansen into side control. As Jansen worked to get back to his feet McVitie turned jumped on the guillotine and forced Jansen to tap 21 seconds into the first round.

    Result Mamour Fall def Sean Wright via TKO @0.13 R1

    Unfortunately Sean Wright was forced out of the bout after snapping his shin when attempting a leg kick. Mamour Fall progressed to the final to face Bobby McVitie

    Adam Stevenson def Michael Doyle via arm bar @ 2:25N R1

    Evenly matched on their feet it wasn’t long before the fight hit the ground.  Doyle scored the takedown and after avoiding initial submission attempts looked to do damage from guard. After standing up in guard Doyle managed to land heavy ground and pound and opened a cut on Stevenson. Smelling blood Doyle looked to finish the fight when Stevenson caught an arm and managed to secure the arm bar halfway through the first round.

    Doni Miller def Souk Kampaseth via triangle choke @ 2:12 R1

    Souk came out looking the stronger fighter forcing Doni to the cage before slamming him to the ground twice. Doni managed to get back to his feet and control the striking before Souk caught an attempted head kick and secured the takedown.  When the fight hit the ground Doni started looking for the sub, Souk defended the initial triangle and the subsequent arm bar attempt however Doni sunk in a triangle choke and forced his opponent to tap.

    Rab Truesdale def Kris Gordon via G&P @ 4.43 R2

    Round one

    Truesdale came out the traps fast and looked to land a massive overhand right and caught Gordon on the forehead. Gordon caught Truesdale with a couple of vicious leg kicks but Truesdale continued to push the pace by looking for takedowns which Gordon stuffed then  made him pay with short elbows and punches before taking the fight to the ground himself. Gordon controlled the fight in more advantageous positions for the majority of the round and ended the round on top.

    Round two

    Both fighters looked fatigued as round two began. The second round looked identical to the first as Truesdale pushed for the take down. Gordon dropped his opponent with a leg kick and a powerful right hand and looked to finish the fight. However Baloo remained calm and swept his opponent and ended up in postured up in Gordon’s guard. Inexplicably Gordon kicked Truesdale from his back and was deducted a point for the illegal blow. The illegal blow seemed to give Truesdale his second wind, when the fight was restarted he secured a takedown and mount position before landing some brutal ground and pound  and forced the ref to stop the bout at the end of the second round.

    Alan Johnston def Chris Carmichael via guillotine @3:07 R1

    Both fighters looked sharp on their feet before clinching up and scrambling for take downs. AJ ended up on Carmichaels guard landing punched and short elbows before posturing up and landing heavy ground and pound. Carmichael remained calm and seemed to weather the storm but Johnston jumped on a guillotine from HG and for the tap 3 minutes into the first round.

    Martin Delaney def Alex Della Costa via G&P @ 1:53 R2

    Round one

    Delaney maintained his unbeaten record in impressive fashion as he disposed of another opponent in impressive fashion. Delaney slammed his opponent into side control and obtained the mount position several times in the first round and destroyed Alex from top position.

    Round two

    Alex look defeated before he stepped out for round two and Delaney did not hold back. He continued to put pressure on Alex and finished him with some brutal ground and pound two minutes into round two.

    Oliver Pastor def John Cullen via KO @0:54 R1

    Cullen looked to be using his reach advantage well by keeping distance between him and his opponent. Pastor caught an attempted head kick and landed a heavy right hand which knocked the Cullen out and forced the referee to stop the fight within the first minute of the fight.

    Brian Hyslop def Shamsul Haque @ 2:11 R1

    Hissy dropped his opponent with a sharp right hook before jumping into his opponents looking to end the fight. He continued to work from guard and managed to posture up and stun Sham with a heavy right hand before swarming on him and forcing the ref to call the bout just over 2 minutes into the fight.

    Stevie Ray def John Quinn @ 57secs R1

    Both men came out strong and looking to fight from the get go. Stevie Ray got the better of the exchange and stunned Quinn with a straight left hand and swarmed all over him. Ray attacked until his opponent hit the ground and was forced to cover up and the referee called the bout less than a minute into the fight. (57 seconds)

    David Aranda def James Doolan via RNC @ 4:46 R4

    Round one

    Aranda controlled the first round with some impressive top control. Doolan defended well and looked to regain guard and submit from his back and despite being on his back for the majority of the round Doolan inflicted the most damage by cutting his opponent above his eye with a sharp elbow.

    Round two

    Doolan closed the distance and pressed Aranda up against the cage and hurt him with knees to the back of the legs. After a takedown attempt by Doolan Aranda scrambled and ended the round on top.

    Round three

    Doolan again forces his opponent to the fence where he controlled the fight before Aranda managed to secure a takedown and landed shots from half guard. Aranda opened a cut on Doolan’s cheekbone and both fighters battled for the upper hand. At the end of the round both fighters seemed to think the fight was over but as it was a championship match it was to be a 5 rounder.

    Round four

    Doolan again looked to control the bout my controlling his opponent on the fence and look for the takedown. When the fight hit the ground Aranda managed to take Doolan’s back and sink in a rear naked choke fifteen seconds before the round was out.

    Aranda is now 6-0 and all his wins have come by way of submission.

    Mamour Fall def Bobby McVitie via unanimous decision

    Round one

    Both fighters looked comfortable standing but Bobby Mcvitie seemed to be packing the bigger punch. Fall managed to secure a takedown and get into side control, Bobby managed to regain guard where Fall postured up and landed a few good shots before McVitite swept him and finished the round on top.

    Round two

    McVitie comes out very aggressive and hurts Fall who secured a takedown and held the position before the referee stood them up. McVitie came out strong again and knocked Fall down, from the resulting scramble Fall ended up in top position and finished the round striking from the closed card.

    Round three

    The third round was similar to the second where Bobby seemed focused on finishing the fight and Fall appeared fixated on securing the decision. Fall managed to secure a takedown and control the bout for the majority of the round. The round ended with McVitie attacking aggressively and Fall being elusive and picking his shots well.



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