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On Top 3 Interview: Brian Hyslop
  • Brian Hyslop

    MMA record: 2 -0
    Fighting style: Charismatic style of aggressive awesomeness

    Ranks or achievements: Blue belt in BJJ, won various BJJ, Grappling, wresting and boxing tournaments

    At On Top 2 you looked impressive as submitted a tough opponent in Barry McGuigan in what many thought was a strong candidate for Fight of the night. What were your thoughts on your performance?

    It was my best performance to date. All the hard work over the past few years paid off for me and I feel that I showed off a bit more of my ability in that fight

    You went to Brazil to train with Brazilian Top Team how did that experience help you?

    Me and fellow Ninjas Kieran Malone and Robert Whiteford spent almost 2 months training twice a day with one of the best MMA teams in the world. I feel my ground game came on a lot and will hopefully show that a bit in my upcoming fight. Also, due to the hard pace of sparring etc at BTT I think my work ethic and commitment to MMA has got a lot stronger.

    How has training been going ahead of your fight at On Top 3?

    Training has been going great as I have tied in all my training from Brazil into this camp. Also, many of my fellow Ninjas are also on at On Top so we have been setting about each other and killing each other with evil cardio routines so I am without a doubt in the best shape of my life.

    You recently made it into the top 10 flyweight in the UK. What is next for you if you win in against Sham Haque?

    I said my goal after the McGuigan fight was to get into the top 10 so now I’m aiming to get into the UK top 3 after this fight and my next if I get to face another quality opponent. And then possibly fight some international flyweights by the end of this year.

    How much do you know about Sham and what problems will he bring on fight night?

    I know he is a bit more experienced than me and is a game dude so I am prepared for a hard fight if it needs to be one. I also know he has been beaten and is a bit smaller and lighter than me once we step into the cage so I think my size advantage will help me a bit. I’m not really worried about his experience as I have fought and beaten experienced guys before and also train with one of the UK’s best MMA teams so I train everyday with the best guys I can.

    Any final remarks or a message for your opponent?

    Sham, your f***ing getti

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