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On Top 3 Interviews: Martin Delaney
  • Martin Delaney

    MMA record: Pro 3-0, semi pro 6-0
    Age: 32
    Fighting style: Grappler
    Martial arts ranks and achievements: Judo black belt, BJJ blue belt

    At On Top 2 you looked impressive you destroyed your opponent and forced the stoppage with some brutal G&P. What were your thoughts on your performance?

    My thoughts on my last performance were it was over before it began. I thought I done well considering I didn’t take any hard shots and came away from the fight unscathed.

    How has training been going ahead of On Top 3?

    Training has been really intense the last 6 weeks just looking to go out and perform now

    Your opponent Alex Della Costa is coming from France to fight, have you managed to find out much about your opponent and pin point any particular strengths or weakness he has?

    I have watched some of Alex’s fight and he seems like a good Thai striker but I’m happy to stand and bang with him. His striking doesn’t faze me.


    Do you feel being from Scotland that you will have the crowd on your side?

    I do think I have the home advantage with the crowd supporting me and hope it will lift me if it ends up a war

    If you win this you will be 4-0, what is next for Martin Delaney?

    If I win this fight I’ll decide whether to take another fight this year or go and work in my techniques for next year

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