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On Top 3 Interviews: Rab Truesdale
  • Rab Truesdale

    MMA record: Pro 2-0-1
    Fighting style: Bear
    Martial arts ranks and achievements: none really, when I was younger did karate got to brown belt in shotokan and was Scottish junior champion apart from that only recently switched to mma from playing rugby with the likes of the Scotland sevens squad.

    How has training been going ahead of your fight at On Top 3?

    Trainings going good working to improve various aspects of my game with my coach Josh Gavin and Stevie Dennehy and guys like Adam Stevenson, Craig Mcintosh And all the guys at the hostile terriotory Gym, been working hard mostly on my fitness and my ground game where I see this fight being won or lost, I’m cutting a bit of weight for this fight so the fitness is key and thanks to the sponsor at sport-sense for helping me out with my supplements to help me achieve this.

    How much do you know about your opponent John Gillies?Don’t know much about my opponent apart from that he is a boxer from England and that Alan love tapped him out on a previous on top show. So I will be trying to impose my way of fighting on him rather than trying to out box him. It makes this match really exciting because it’s an auld enemy match up and I’m sure all the fans love the rivalry between the two countries no matter what sport. I’m sure everyone will enjoy my entrance.

    You had an impressive debut at SFC. How have you fared since and how do you see this fight going?

    Ive had two fights since making my debut at SFC, three round battle with a wrestler which I thought i won however was on his turf and it was declared a draw. Next was Alloa’s hostile territory show where another G&P win in the first round over Joe Nugent. I can see the same in this bout with a first TKO win to Baloo.

    What is next you for after this fight?

    After this fight got a few things lined up, already matched up for the next SFC which will cool as there first show was awesome, but awaiting confirm on another bout on a well-known UK show against a tough opponent. Plus I am looking to fight at my home show on December 17th in Alloa. So busy few months ahead.

    Do you have a message for your opponent?

    Message to john is. John u better bring it and lay it all out because I will, let’s do it and put on good show for everyone. But I can’t see u with your hand raised at the end of the bout because I’ve worked too hard for this mate. So good luck cause your going to need it… baloooo is in the houseeeee!

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