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On Top 3 weigh in results
  • The Lorne hotel was the venue as the fighters weighed in ahead of On Top 3 tomorrow night. Not all of the fighters managed to make their respective weights, however the card will go ahead as planned full results below:

    4 man tournament

    Lightweight (70.kgs)

    Scott Jansen ( Keddles gym): 71.8kgs*

    Bobby McVitie (Team Viper): 69.3kgs

    Sean Wright (DNFT, Griphouse): 69.8kgs

    Mamour Fall (Snake Team, France): 70.3kgs

    *Jansen overweight


    James Doolan (DNFT, Griphouse): 134.6 pounds V 134.4 pounds David Aranda(MMA Barcelona)


    John Quinn (DNFT,D-unit) 76.6kgs V 76.9kgs Steven Ray (Edge MMA)


    Brian Hyslop (DNFT, Griphouse) 57.1kgs V 56.2 Shamsul Haque (Fighting Fit, South Shields)


    John Cullen (DNFT, D-unit) 65.5kgs V 66.5kgs Oliver Pastor (FTT, France)


    Martin Delaney (DNFT, D-unit) 70.2kgs V 69.9kgs Alex Della Costa (FTT, France)


    Alan Johnston (DNFT, D-unit) 77.4kgs V 77.3kgs Chris Carmichael (Team Viper)

    Catchweight (110kgs)

    Rab Truesdale (Hostile Territory) 105kgs V 110kgs Kris Gordon (Granite City Grapplers)


    Doni Miller (DNFT, Griphouse) 66.2kgs V 64.7KGS Souk Kampaseth (Team Pythagore, France)

    Catchweight (73kgs)

    Adam Stevenson (Hostile Territory) 72.6kgs V 73.2* Michael Doyle (EFR, Ireland)

    *Doyle overweight

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