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On Top 4 Review
  • Over 1500 attended On Top 4 on Saturday 24th February in The Kelvin Hall, the place was jumping from the start to finish, the results are listed below.

    Craig Docherty (DNFT) vs Nathan Thompson (South Shields)

    Thompson began in much stronger fashion than anyone expected, taking Docherty’s back early in the fight. Docherty fought his way back to his feet, and went to work with his trademark brutal body shots. Thompson was dropped and got back to his feet, but he never fully recovered. Docherty was merciless, pursuing Thompson and finishing him with more clinical body shots.

    James Macalister (DNFT) vs Peter Smith (South Shields)

    Peter Smith followed his team-mates lead in two respects- firstly in taking the fight on very short notice, and secondly in performing better than expected. Macalister started very confidently, only for the fresh-faced Smith to land a good shot on him. The Scotsman responded very aggressively, finishing the fight with a superb flying knee knockout.

    Adam Stevenson (SMAC) vs Kyle Cassidy (Fighters Hive)

    As expected, the fight was all-action, even though it only lasted for 71 seconds. Stevenson brought the fight to the floor, but Cassidy reversed the position as the fight hit the ground, gaining full mount and catching Stevenson clean with a good shot. Stevenson showed his excellent chin though, taking the blow and instantly locking Cassidy in a tight armbar for the win.

    Joanne Calderwood (DNFT) vs Noelia Molina (Blackout Academy)

    The girls traded early in the fight, before Joanne opted to shoot for the takedown. Once it was on the ground, she swiftly moved into full mount and started reigning down blows on her opponent for the stoppage.

    Danny Henry (Headhutnters) vs Kieran Malone (DNFT)

    As expected, Malone landed a takedown early in the fight. From top position he was looking in control, then he went for an armbar. Henry slickly escaped and took the back, where he was able to sink in the rear-naked choke for the win.

    Alan Johnston (DNFT) v Ousmane Sidibe (Team Pythagore)

    Alan Johnston maintained his unbeaten record after escaping a reasonably tight guillotine early in the fight. He locked in a tight kimura, and although questions were raised whether his opponent really did tap, there was no doubt that Johnston had the armlock very tightly applied, and an injury was certain if the fight continued.

    Steven Ray (Edge MMA) vs Vaidas Valancius (Knights of Plunge)

    After a short period of striking, Ray took Valancius to the floor, where the Lithuanian couldn’t escape Ray’s full mount. Valancius eventually gave up his back after much ground and pound, allowing Ray to get the rear-naked choke win.

    Brian Hyslop (DNFT) vs Mark Platts (Faktory)

    Hyslop and Platts put on a thrilling, all-action bout complete with high-level skills in every range. In the first round, Hyslop sought several guillotine chokes, whereas Platts nearly finished it late by anaconda. In the second round, a Hyslop flurry rocked Platts, but he recovered to take Hyslop’s back and get the rear-naked choke win.

    Olivier Pastor (Team Pythagore) vs Sergej Grecicho (The Knight of Plunge)

    The European-level bout saw Lithuanian Grecicho put in a very composed display, expertly taking the fight to the mat in each round. Once there, he was negated by Pastor’s excellent defensive jiu-jitsu, but still did enough to land some good shots, improve his position, and eventually win the fight by unanimous decision.

    Martin Delaney (DNFT) vs Mamour Fall (Snake Team France)

    Delaney continued his unbeaten record, improving it to 6-0 and becoming On Top’s first Scottish champion. The first round was very close, with Delaney edging it on most judges scorecards by virtue of his leg kicks and late takedown. The second round was more conclusive in the Scotsman favour, but the third and fourth saw Fall fight back in impressive style, landing a huge straight right hand in the third round. Delaney was seriously rocked, but tied Fall up and prevented the Frenchman gaining the finish. The fifth round then proved decisive, as Delaney turned the momentum of the fight on its head, taking Fall to the floor for a split decision win (48-47 Delaney, 48-47 Delaney, 48-46 Fall).

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