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On Top Promotion Makes Triumphant Debut In Clydebank
  • A crowd of 1000 fight fans packed into Clydebank’s Play Drome to watch some of the best mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters in Europe.

    The event, run by Clydebank-based On Top Promotions, saw two title belts on the line and some of Scotland’s rising MMA stars in action on Saturday night (Oct 6).

    On Top 6 was the first event by On Top to be held in Clydebank after the organisation started out in Glasgow, moving from small beginnings in a suite at Celtic Park to the famous Kelvin Hall.

    The switch to Clydebank made sense for On Top’s promoter Tam Collins.

    The Clydebank man, 29, had always wanted to hold the show on his own doorstep.

    He said: “On Top has grown bigger with every event and I’m really thrilled that we’ve got to the stage that we’re selling out the Play Drome here in Clydebank.

    “Our sixth event was definitely our best yet and it was helped by the fact that On Top 5 was broadcast on the Sky Active Channel. On Top 6 was also filmed and will also be shown on TV at a later date.

    “The fights were phenomenal, the crowd was great and the staff at the venue were just brilliant.”

    In the cage, Scot Graham Turner put on a dominant performance over previously unbeaten Italian Gianluca Scottoli in the main event.

    The second round TKO win, which saw Scottoli ‘tapout’ due to Turner’s avalanche of strikes, saw Turner claim the vacant On Top featherweight (145lb) title.

    And in the bantamweight (135lb) title fight, champion David Aranda from Barcelona defeated French challenger Olivier Pastor by unanimous decision after five rounds (five minutes each) of world class MMA.

    Glasgow man David Galbraith took on Greenock’s Bobby McVitie in a highly-anticipated grudge match. The two had fought twice before, which each fighter having one win over the other.

    This third match, known in MMA circles as a rubber match, would settle once and for all who the better fighter is.

    Despite having a point deducted in the first round for a breach of the rules, Galbraith won a unanimous decision victory.

    Balloch’s Alan Johnston lost the first fight of his glittering career against highly-rated Englishman Sam Boult, also by unanimous decision.

    Tam Collins added: “We have some incredible fighters appearing at On Top and we hope to grow the promotion and continue to bring the best talent from around Europe to fight here in Scotland.”



    Featherweight title bout: Graham Turner defeated Gianluca Scottoli by second round TKO (tapout due to strikes). Turner wins the vacant title.

    Bantamweight title bout: David Aranda defeated Olivier Pastor by unanimous decision to retain the title.

    Welterweight bout: Sam Boult defeated Alan Johnston by unanimous decision.

    150lbs catchweight bout: David Galbraith beat Bobby McVitie by unanimous decision.

    Lightweight (155lb) bout: Miguel Haro beat Chris Stringer by unanimous decision.

    Lightweight bout: Michael Doyle defeated Danny Henry by unanimous decision.

    137lbs catchweight bout: James Macalister defeated Steven Gardener by unanimous decision.

    Lightweight bout: Marcin Wrzosek beat Adam Stevenson by unanimous decision.

    140lbs catchweight bout: O’ Okunna beat Craig Docherty by unanimous decision.

    Welterweight bout: Shaun Taylor defeated Kevin McKinnon by first round TKO.

    150lbs catchweight bout: Andrew Glen beat Scott Richards by first round TKO.


    Notes to editors

    • On Top 6 featured all professional MMA bouts.

    • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the correct name for the sport sometimes referred to as cagefighting.

    • Pro MMA bouts are held over three rounds of five minutes each, except for title fights which are contested over five rounds of five minutes each.

    • MMA is not ‘no rules’ or ‘no holds barred’ – bouts are fought under the Unified Rules of MMA.

    • Bouts are scored using the same ’10-points must’ system as pro boxing and points are awarded based on effective striking, grappling and overall control of the fight.

    • Fights can be stopped and a win awarded by knockout, TKO (when referee believes opponent is unable to intelligently defend themselves), submission (when an opponent indicates submission by physical tapout or verbal declaration), technical submissions (when referee sees an opponent is rendered unconscious or seriously injured by a grappling hold) or by disqualification (for disregarding or breaking the rules).
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