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On Top 3 Interviews: Sean Wright
  • Sean Wright

    Sean is one of four men taking part in the 4 man lightweight tournament for the vacant On Top title. A former Muay Thai British champion Sean has some of the most lethal striking in Scottish MMA and will be looking to go 5-0 with 5 knockouts on September 24th.

    Age: 30
    MMA record: 3-0-0
    Fighting style: Striker

    Martial arts ranks or achievements: 16 years Muay Thai competing around the world against the best fighters in my weight class. 2 x British Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Prestige Thailand Title and a BJJ Blue belt

    At On Top 2 you continued your unbeaten record and scored another impressive knockout victory against Richard Edwards. Are you happy with how that match played out?

    Yeah happy enough but I still feel I’ve really to find my rhythm in MMA and show what I’m capable of. Only time will tell.

    How has training been going ahead of your fight at On Top 3, have you changed much to adapt to the tournament format?

    Well I’ve picked up the intensity of my training tremendously, working on my fitness and recovery loads, and of course the usual diet of rolling, wrestling, loads of sparring and horrendous amounts of strength and conditioning. Basically just working to bring my game to the next level.

    Could be facing three different men at On Top 3 Bobby McVitie, Scott Jansen and Mamour Fall, what do you know about these potential opponents and where do they pose specific threats?

    I don’t know anything about Mamour, other than he’s French, a bit of an all rounder and has a mixed record. I’ve seen Jansen and Bobby fight. Jansen is more of a striker from what I can see. Bobby likes to brawl and has decent grappling

    Which of these men would you rather face in the semi-final?

    I’m prepared for anyone to be honest but I guess Jansen as I don’t know much about Mamour and would prefer to see him fight first.

    And who would you ideally like to face in the final?

    I think an all Scottish final would be nice so let’s go with Bobby.

    Only you and Mcvitie are representing Scotland in the tournament, do you feel that having the crowd on your side could be a difference maker?

    Not really. It’s nice to be supported and having a team around me who help me train and believe in me is a necessity, but at the end of the day it’s the people out there who don’t believe in me that drive me to win, just to prove them wrong!

    If you win this you will be an unbeaten champion what would your next step be?

    I’m going on holiday!

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